European Data Protection Board investigates ChatGPT

European Data Protection Board investigates ChatGPT

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) announced that a special group will be formed to investigate the work of the chatbot ChatGPT. This comes a day after Italy announced the conditions for lifting bans from the service, which were introduced in connection with possible data breaches of the data of the country’s residents.

    Image source: Tim van der Kuip/

Image source: Tim van der Kuip/

The EDPB is an independent agency operating in the European Union. The purpose of the Council is to ensure the application of EU legislation on the protection of personal data and cooperation between the European authorities responsible for the security of this data. Although the issue of privacy was not a concern of ChatGPT until recently, the situation changed on the last day of March when the Italian regulator banned the operation of chatbots in the country over fears that the bot did not comply with European laws.

Italian authorities have explained that OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, processes the personal data of Italian citizens on a large scale and without any legal basis. In Italy, there was concern about the possibility of its residents’ data, including phone numbers, addresses and other information, leaking into the ChatGPT database, which could endanger people’s security.

In addition, the Italian regulator is concerned about the specifics of the work of ChatGPT – in some cases, the language model embedded in the system, which does not have an exact answer to the question, invents at first glance realistic information about people whose data was extracted from the network . This can lead to users receiving incorrect information about certain citizens, with unforeseeable consequences.

According to Reuters, a source in one of the EU governments said that the authorities of different countries intend to bring their positions on generative AI systems to a common denominator, but this will take time. So far, the EU does not intend to issue specific rules affecting the work of ChatGPT, but is preparing to develop a common transparent policy to coordinate actions in the field of such technologies in general.


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