European antitrust authorities are preparing a formal complaint against Microsoft

European antitrust authorities are preparing a formal complaint against Microsoft over Teams

Microsoft’s attempt to avoid a full-scale confrontation with EU antitrust regulators over the company’s Messenger Team has been unsuccessful – the European Commission is preparing an official complaint against the company’s activities.

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Microsoft proposed removing Teams from the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 software packages and making the video communication application a separate subscription product, but this was not enough for European officials. The European Commission is already preparing to send an official statement to the software giant – the company will receive the document in the coming months, he writes Bloomberg with reference to our own sources.

The company could not escape the antitrust investigation launched after the inclusion of Teams in the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites – a complaint about this move was filed three years ago by the management of Salesforce’s corporate messenger Slack.

European regulators are investigating at least two more complaints about unfair competition from Microsoft. A lawsuit was filed by the European division of cloud provider Amazon Web Services – it considered unfair software licensing methods aimed at attracting European customers to Microsoft’s own cloud infrastructure. The second was filed in 2021 by the administration of the German cloud platform NextCloud, which viewed the integration of OneDrive cloud storage in Windows as an expression of unfair competition. In addition, Microsoft wants to exempt the Bing search service and the Edge browser from the European Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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