Europe obliges technology companies to take active action against child

Europe obliges technology companies to take active action against child abuse

In the coming months, the EU could pass legislation obliging tech companies to step up the fight against child abuse. To this end, existing voluntary agreements are being revised, said the EU Commissioner in a recent interview.

Image source: Capri23auto /

Image source: Capri23auto /

The EU Commissioner for the Interior Ylva Johansson said in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that Internet service providers and social media companies reported 22 million crimes in 2020 and 17 million were registered in 2019. In their opinion, this is only a small fraction of their real number.

“In the coming months, I’ll be proposing a bill requiring companies to identify, report, and suppress cases of child sexual abuse. A voluntary message will not be enough now “, – quoted the words of the Reuters official. According to EU regulations, social media as well as email and messenger services like Facebook and Google have the choice of whether or not to report incidents.

Ms. Johansson said the fight against youth abuse needs to be better coordinated and a dedicated European center is needed to improve prevention, law enforcement and victim support.

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