Europe is preparing an antitrust investigation into Microsoft for integrating

Europe is preparing an antitrust investigation into Microsoft for integrating Teams into Office

The EU is expected to launch an antitrust probe into Microsoft – local authorities have requested additional information from the company’s competitors and other stakeholders after Salesforce, the developer of the corporate messenger Slack, lodged a complaint with the European Commission.

    Image source: efes /

Image source: efes /

The reason for the Slack developer’s complaint to the European Commission was what he considered to be illegal integration of the corporate messenger Microsoft Team into the Office software package. The Teams app launched in 2017 as Microsoft set out to capture a slice of the fast-growing and lucrative collaboration tools market.

In October last year and this year, the European Commission sent out questionnaires to several companies that officials say could be affected by Microsoft’s activities. The move could signal that the agency’s antitrust authority is laying the groundwork for a formal investigation into the software giant, sources say. Reuters.

“The Commission is studying interoperability and packaging [продуктов Microsoft]but more careful this time. They are looking for information that will help them identify remedial actions.”, — added the agency source. Previously, Microsoft had been fined multiple times in the EU for violating antitrust laws, totaling $2.2 billion in fines.

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