EU postpones new laws to regulate tech giants until 2022

EU postpones new laws to regulate tech giants until 2022

The EU countries will postpone the implementation of the key task of finalizing the new legislative framework for regulating technology platforms from next spring until a later date. At the same time, officials are going to approve their text. “As soon as possible”, according to the document published on the eve of the meeting of the leaders of European countries in the framework of the two-day summit.



Last year, the European Commission published two bills: the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act. Both documents, aimed at limiting the activities of global tech giants, are being actively discussed both at the level of individual countries and at the level of the entire European Union. The Commission has set a clear goal – to reach an agreement between the member states and the European Parliament as early as next year.

In September, it was assumed that the EU countries would sign the corresponding agreement by the spring of 2022, however, in a later draft communiqué, this goal was no longer formulated so rigidly. The Digital Markets Law aims to curb anti-competitive practices and the Digital Services Law aims to regulate online content. The entry into force of both documents could affect the work of Apple, Alphabet and Amazon.

In addition, it is expected to tighten legislation against the growing number of cyber attacks – this is part of the strategy “The strong commitment of the EU to follow a democratic course online and offline”… Countries also supported plans to tackle the chip shortage, which will begin rolling out in the second quarter of 2022. Finally, another important issue on the agenda is “Secure space communication”, although some officials expressed confidence that it is too early to talk about such an expensive project.

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