EU launches investigation into disinformation and illegal content on social

EU launches investigation into disinformation and illegal content on social network X

The European Commission has officially opened an investigation into the social network X and its actions to combat legally prohibited information about Israeli events. This was not prevented by the platform administration announcing that hundreds of accounts associated with one of the parties to the Middle East conflict had been deleted.

    Image source: Bastian Riccardi /

Image source: Bastian Riccardi /

Previously, EU Commissioner for Internal Trade and Services Thierry Breton gave the platform 24 hours to take action to combat illegal content and disinformation about Israeli events – otherwise the company will face a reversible fine under the Digital Services Act (DSA) . which came into force last August.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino published on the platform a reply letter dated Wednesday, October 11th. She stated that the company “has reallocated resources and realigned internal departments working around the clock to address this rapidly evolving situation.”. Soon after the conflict began, it became known that the company “assembled a group of leaders to assess the situation”and a particular focus is now on “untrue and manipulative content.”

    Image source: NoName_13 /

Image source: NoName_13 /

European officials are currently assessing the extent to which X complies with the DSA. Detailed evidence is expected from the company on October 18th. are the subject of the examination “The policies and practices ofsays in opinion European Commission. The Israeli conflict is not directly mentioned in the document, but Mr. Breton also sent a similar letter to the head of Meta Mark Zuckerberg.

Ms. Yaccarino also noted that since events in the Middle East erupted, X has removed or flagged tens of thousands of pieces of content and responded to more than 80 EU removal requests. The community notes mechanism also continues to work on the platform – community members voluntarily check information on individual publications and, if necessary, leave appropriate explanations directly in these publications. According to Yaccarino, an average of five hours passes between the publication of posts and the appearance of Community Notes comments on them. There is an opinion that this recognition will only worsen the situation: it turns out that thousands of users have time to familiarize themselves with false information before moderation measures are taken.


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