EU initiates antitrust proceedings against Meta and Google over online

EU initiates antitrust proceedings against Meta and Google over online advertising

The European Union has announced the launch of an investigation into Meta and Google, accused of conspiring to monopolize the online advertising market.

Image source: Capri23auto /

Image source: Capri23auto /

The European Commission has expressed concern that the deal between the two tech giants could create serious problems for competitors. Antitrust authorities around the world are currently investigating the online advertising market, the undisputed leader of which is Google: the company automatically selects and offers websites, and also sets prices for advertisers and website owners.

EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager reminded that many publications rely on online advertising as one of the main sources of funding and that if the EU’s suspicions are confirmed, the overall picture of competition in the market will be severely distorted.

Last summer, Google was already under investigation for the company’s behavior in the online advertising market: the search giant was accused of favoring its own services at the expense of the interests of third-party advertisers.

Recall that several US state attorneys general have sued Meta and Google: the tech giants allegedly colluded to manipulate advertising prices. The companies entered into a deal that their CEOs, Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg, knew about, according to prosecutors.



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