Error 300201 prevents both test users and buyers from playing

“Error 300201” prevents both test users and buyers from playing Diablo IV – Blizzard has not been able to resolve the issue since the third day

Along with the fall sales on Steam, a period of free access to the fantasy role-playing action game Diablo IV recently began, which, however, many still cannot play – and not only on the Valve service.

    Image source: Steam (King of the West)

Image source: Steam (King of the West)

After numerous complaints about official Blizzard forumv social networks X (formerly Twitter) and Steam communityAttempting to log into Diablo IV after November 22nd will result in a connection error (code 300201).

What is noteworthy is that the problem occurs not only among those who wanted to take advantage of the free trial period on Steam, but also among buyers of Diablo IV, including on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

    Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Although the problem occurred three days ago, the situation has still not returned to normal – and users are, as expected, unhappy with this situation. However, Blizzard is already aware of the matter.

“We have no news, but the team is aware of the issue and is investigating it. They hope to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.reads one of Blizzard Support’s recent responses to a frustrated user in X.

    Image source: ArtStation (Igor Sid)

Image source: ArtStation (Igor Sid)

While waiting for the issue to be fixed, users found it temporary solution (works on consoles). This includes creating a new platform and account, launching Diablo IV from there, and joining the main account session.

Diablo IV is available on PC (Steam,, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The free period ends on November 28th at 21:00 UTC – affected users will have less and less time to play.

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