Ericsson launched chips manufactured using Intel 4 process technology before

Ericsson launched chips manufactured using Intel 4 process technology before Intel itself

Ericsson has introduced new RAN Compute series processors designed for 5G Advanced network devices. The new products are manufactured using the Intel 4 technical process. It is noteworthy that this technological process was introduced here earlier than with the chips from Intel itself.

    Image source: Ericsson

Image source: Ericsson

The RAN Processor 6672 and Radio Processor 6372 are intended for network devices used indoors, and the RAN Processor 6655 and Radio Processor 6355 solutions are used in devices for outdoor systems. The upgrades made to the RAN Compute chip line are aimed at further growth in mobile traffic, which is expected to triple by 2028. Ericsson is offering four new products designed to “maximize RAN computing capabilities with optimized performance while minimizing hardware and power consumption.”

“Our new, expanded RAN Compute portfolio is designed to meet the current and future needs of Ericsson customers. This not only satisfies their need to maximize radio spectrum utilization, but also contributes to their desire to future-proof their networks by supporting Open RAN architectures.”said Ericsson RAN Compute boss Michael Begley.

The most interesting thing about the new Ericsson processors is that they are manufactured using Intel 4 process technology under the contract services of Intel Foundry Services (IFS). Intel’s 4-process technology was expected to be used for the first time in the upcoming Meteor Lake processor line, but it looks like it will also be used to create specialized networking ASICs. By using this technical process, the energy efficiency of systems could be significantly increased.

The Ericsson RAN 6672 processor and 6372 wireless processor offer four times the capacity with twice the power efficiency compared to the previous generation, supporting up to six 4G and 5G modes in a single package. Ericsson’s new computer products use 30 to 60% less power than current industry leaders. New high-speed communicators with a speed of 4.8 Tbit/s were also announced.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

Ericsson’s new RAN and radio processors are designed to take global network dynamics to a new level. Let’s add that last summer it was announced that Ericsson had agreed with Intel to produce 5G chips using the advanced Angstrom 18A process technology.

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