Ericsson is suing Apple again for illegal use of proprietary

Ericsson is suing Apple again for illegal use of proprietary communications technology

Sweden’s Ericsson AB, which has been in an ongoing legal battle with Apple in recent years, has filed new lawsuits accusing the smartphone and tablet maker of illegally using telecommunications technology. The two lawsuits were filed Monday in the state of Texas, U.S., whose courts reportedly have jurisdiction Bloomberg, are quite loyal to protecting the rights of patent owners.

Source: AJEL/

Source: AJEL/

The company alleges that Apple is illegally using proprietary technologies that are a key part of telecom industry standards, including 5G. It is known that even before the expiry of the license agreement between the companies in 2015, the counterparties repeatedly filed lawsuits against each other and continue to use such tactics to this day. Notably, a lawsuit was filed against Apple last October, accusing the company of “bad faith.” Apple filed a countersuit in December alleging that Ericsson used “force tactics” in doing business.

According to Ericsson spokeswoman Mikaela Idermark, the companies have not been able to agree on the terms for Apple to get a new license since the previous agreement expired. Focusing on his company’s history in the industry, Ericsson recalls that it sold the first telephone in 1878 and its pivotal role in the development of world telecommunications can hardly be overstated. At the same time, it is argued that the plaintiff took all measures to ensure that its developments corresponded to all the standards of the patent-granting bodies. According to the plaintiff, Apple used the inventions “intentionally and intentionally” free of charge.

In a lawsuit filed in December, Apple argued that Ericsson was a minor player in the next-generation wireless market. At the same time, the company charges $5 for each device as if it still makes the biggest contribution to the development of industry standards. Apple stated that they are always willing to pay a “fair price” for the technologies used in the company’s products and asked the court to award appropriate compensation for Ericsson’s developments. The company has repeatedly mentioned that Ericsson has refused to negotiate a new licensing deal on fair terms, instead filing lawsuits against Apple around the world. The latter promised to continue fighting such tactics.

Apple first licensed Ericsson’s proprietary technologies in 2008, a year after the release of the first iPhone. It took a year of litigation to extend the license agreement by 7 years with numerous scandals in 2015.


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