Epic officially releases the Unreal Engine 5

Epic officially releases the Unreal Engine 5

Epic Games has opened access to the Unreal Engine 5 game engine to all developers. Previously it was only available for selected studios. The announcement was made during events state of the unreal.

The new version of the popular game engine has received numerous improvements for game developers – from increased performance and an improved editor interface to a number of technologies aimed at making game scenes more photorealistic. The latter include Lumen – a solution for global dynamic lighting and Nanite – a “micropolygonal” tool for increasing geometry detail.

Epic says that with Nanite and Lumen, developers will be able to create cinematic-quality 3D scenes with a large amount of geometric detail and set up dynamic lighting for them without worrying about the technical aspects associated with optimizing for connected to a specific piece of hardware.

In addition, Unreal Engine 5 introduced the ability to “cut” the open game world into parts that different development teams can work on simultaneously, which allows you to create even more complex games or speed up the development process.

Epic presented two technical projects designed to help developers implement their own products. First – city ​​sample represents the city from The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience Tech Demo. second – lyre is a multiplayer shooter similar to Unreal Tournament. These samples will help developers learn how to work with Unreal Engine 5.

As discussed during the presentation, Unreal Engine 5 is already being used by dozens of studios. So the following parts of Witcher, STALKER and Tomb Raider will be based on this engine. Remedy, Obsidian, and Ninja Theory have reported on using the engine in their future projects. The demo of The Cavern, created by the creators of Gears of War, The Coalition studio, was also shown at the event. It is expected that the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 will be applied not only in games, but also in the creation of digital films and the design of the metaverse.

It is worth remembering that even before Epic itself, several large projects based on Unreal Engine 5 were released. The company says it did extensive testing of the engine this way. So, in December, Fortnite switched to Unreal Engine 5, and around the same time, the company released the tech demo The Matrix Awakens, based on the action film The Matrix: Resurrection.



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