Epic Games Appeals Court Decision In Dispute With Apple

Epic Games has filed an appeal against the court ruling in its lawsuit against Apple, which ended last week. The company was unhappy with the decision of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who supported Apple on many points, but forbade it to prevent the installation of links to third-party payment systems in applications for the App Store. In a statement, Epic urged a higher court to reconsider the case and overturn Friday’s ruling.

Image: Alex Castro / The Verge

Image: Alex Castro / The Verge

“We hereby notify that Epic Games Inc. […] filed an appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on the final judgment of September 10, 2021 “, – said in a statement the developer of video games. Little is known about the legal basis for the appeal, but Epic is likely to continue to press charges for violating Apple’s federal antitrust laws.

In court, Epic argued that Apple has a monopoly in the distribution of mobile applications for iOS. This accusation was based on the fact that the company is forcing developers to use their payment system. However, the judge was not convinced by Epic’s arguments and ruled that the company should pay Apple $ 3.65 million in breach of applicable rules by integrating a third-party payment service into the Fortnite iOS game. In addition, Epic is required to return Apple 30% of everything earned through a third-party payment system since November 2020.

More importantly, Judge Rogers did not find the evidence of Apple’s monopoly in the mobile games market conclusive. “The evidence does show that Apple is on the cusp of significant market power or monopoly with significant market share.”Rogers says, noting that Epic’s antitrust claims have failed in part because the company has not focused on them.

Note that Apple was also not completely satisfied with the court decisions and may soon try to appeal the ban on blocking third-party payment systems. It is obvious that the confrontation between Epic and Apple is not over and will soon resume in a higher court.


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