Enthusiasts have combined the legendary Clippy helper with ChatGPT

Enthusiasts have combined the legendary Clippy helper with ChatGPT

The developers of Firecube decided to revive the virtual assistant Clippy, which appeared in Microsoft Office 97, to provide hints to users of the office suite. The new version of Clippy is a frontend for the ChatGPT chatbot created by the Open AI team. Firecube’s Clippy app available for download in the official Microsoft App Store.

    Image source: Firecube

Image source: Firecube

The developers used Clippy’s animated paper clip as the interface for ChatGPT. Perhaps the software product will be of interest to users who remember the famous Microsoft Office virtual assistant with nostalgia. However, the application is unlikely to become popular as Microsoft will soon release Copilot, a more advanced counterpart that will be more closely linked to the company’s operating system.

The screenshot provided by the developers shows Clippy telling you how to change the desktop wallpaper. In contrast, Copilot is likely able to change the wallpaper itself if the user prompts it to do so. Also note that to use Firecube’s Clippy app, you need an Open AI API key, which is a token needed to identify users and link them to their accounts.


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