Enthusiast digs cryptocurrency on a Tesla electric car and earns

Enthusiast digs cryptocurrency on a Tesla electric car and earns up to $ 800 a month with it

According to the enthusiast Siraj Raval, he tried all methods of mining cryptocurrencies on his 2018 Tesla Model 3 machine. Now he’s put a group of GPUs in the trunk, powered by an electric car battery, and he’s entrusting the system to the Apple Mac mini M1 mini desktop, which is powered from a 12-volt socket in the center console.

Image source: Miloslav Hamřík / pixabay.com

Image source: Miloslav Hamřík / pixabay.com

Siraj is aware that such tampering could void his car warranty, but in his opinion it is worth it: when the price of the cryptocurrency Ethereum peaked in 2021, he was making up to $ 800 a month. He wasn’t the first to implement this idea – in 2018, Wisconsin car dealer Chris Allessi spoke about a similar project. Then he tried out two options: On the one hand, he connected the Bitmain Antminer S9 ASIC system, which was specially developed for Bitcoin mining, to the power grid of his Tesla Model S electric car. In the second, he acted a little more cunningly: he published a website with a mining script on the Internet and opened it in the web browser of the on-board computer of an electric vehicle in order to extract the cryptocurrency Monero with its resources.

Raval, on the other hand, was convinced in practice that the most profitable option for him turned out to be a cluster of 5 GPUs connected to the network from which the electric motor is fed. Ethereum became his preferred cryptocurrency. He calculated that the car would travel about 510 km on a full charge, which costs $ 10-15 and takes an average of one and a half weeks – that is, it takes between $ 30 and $ 60 a month to charge. He starts dismantling an electric car around 20 hours a day.

Since the prices of cryptocurrencies are subject to strong fluctuations, Raval is insured with additional financial instruments. He transfers the mined Ethereum tokens to a personal account with a crypto investment service with an annual income of 23% and never exchanges assets for dollars so that the savings continue to grow. And he buys GPUs on eBay and thus secures a further piece of savings. Taking all these measures into account, Raval made between $ 400 and $ 800 mining in 2021 – the business was profitable even during the cryptocurrency crisis. But the Tesla Model 3 on-board computer’s own resources are not valued highly in the opinion of other enthusiasts – from 7 to 10 Mhesh / s, which would result in a monthly profit of about $ 13.38 at no cost.


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