Enthusiast builds PotatoP Laptop with two year battery life

Enthusiast builds PotatoP “Laptop” with two-year battery life

An enthusiast named Andreas Eriksen (Andreas Eriksen) collectedLaptop form factor device”, which, according to its own estimates, can work for two years without recharging. The PotatoP computer combines extremely low-power components, a 12,000 mAh battery and a small solar panel.

    Image source: hackaday.io

Image source: hackaday.io

The creator of PotatoP has always been annoyed that his laptop drains too quickly, but for “small programming projectsin which it is used, no powerful components are required. Andreas needs a computer with extremely low power consumption, a clear screen and a comfortable keyboard for the tasks that Andreas is faced with.

The “mainboard” uses the SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP platform based on the Ambiq Apollo3 SoC – it is “sets a new standard in terms of energy efficiency for battery-powered devices“. Its ARM Cortex-M4F processor runs at clock speeds of up to 96 MHz and consumes less than 6 uA per 1 MHz. The amount of RAM is 384 KB, the drive has a capacity of 1 MB, plus there are a variety of Interfaces and ports for connecting external devices.

Another key to PotatoP’s success was the Sharp Memory in Pixel LS044Q7DH01, a 4.4-inch monochrome display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The author of the project says that he would not refuse a larger version of the screen if it turned out to be just as economical – there is no backlight, but this does not affect readability. After all, Mr. Eriksen has no regrets about the expensive Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 professional keyboard.

The programmer works in the Lisp (uLisp) environment and, in his opinion, was able to create the most comfortable conditions for himself. The author doesn’t want to stop there – he’s tweaking the system to further reduce power consumption and considering installing additional solar panels to extend the battery life of his PotatoP “laptop” to infinity.

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