End of an era Microsoft will end support for Internet

End of an era: Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer tomorrow

As expected, Microsoft will end support for most versions of Internet Explorer on June 15th. More than a year has passed since the software giant announced the end of support for the Internet browser and has been urging users to stop using the browser early.

    Image source: theverge.com

Image source: theverge.com

Internet Explorer 11 is deprecated in client versions of Windows 10 20H2 and later and Windows IoT 20H2 and later. This keeps IE compatibility mode supported in the Edge browser, and full versions of IE 11 continue to work on Windows 8.1, Windows 7 with Extended Security Updates, all versions of Windows Server LTSC, Windows Server 2022, and all versions of Windows 10 LTSC and Windows 10 IoT LTSC. In Windows 11, the old Microsoft browser is not available because Edge is the default browser in the new version of the software platform.

Microsoft officials have previously said that Edge’s IE compatibility mode will be supported until at least 2029, giving developers ample time to modernize legacy websites and apps. The desktop version of IE will redirect users to Edge for a few months after the end of the support period, i.e. from 6/15 onwards. Ultimately, IE will be completely disabled along with one of the future updates for Windows. However, users are advised not to completely uninstall the browser as it is required for Edge’s IE compatibility mode to work.

Remember that the first version of Internet Explorer was released to the public in 1995 along with Windows 95. The latest and most up-to-date version of IE 11 was released in 2013. However, since 2015 Microsoft has been working on making Edge the default browser in its operating system.

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