Empress Hacker complained about Monster Hunter Rises defenses which it

Empress Hacker complained about Monster Hunter Rise’s defenses, which it hadn’t been able to overcome for several months

A well-known hacker published under the pseudonym Empress Reddit forum News about Denuvo’s well-known anti-piracy protection, which has recently become “getting harder”.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

In its announcement, Empress mentioned Capcom, which not only provides Denuvo with all the DLCs for their games, but also makes the work of hackers more difficult “special customs protection”deeply integrated into Denuvo.

Finally the popular tool for protecting software from analysis and hacking VMProtect Version 3.7.1 “Twisting Denuvo Strings into Countless Chains of Hell”. After unsuccessful attempts to hack the fantasy hunting action Monster Hunter Rise protected by the 16th version of Denuvo, the hacker Empress has drawn all the conclusions about the improved Capcom anti-piracy protection.

The first attempts to bypass the protection were unsuccessful at the end of last year, but Empress is not backing down and promises to share its successes on Reddit.

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