Emperor Shaddam IV and House Corrino arrive late in Dune

Emperor Shaddam IV and House Corrino arrive late in Dune: Spice Wars

Publisher Funcom and developer of the French studio Shiro Games reported on the release of the promised update featuring House Corrino for their real-time strategy Dune: Spice Wars.

    Image Credit: Shiro Games

Image Credit: Shiro Games

Recall that the fifth side of the conflict was supposed to appear in Dune: Spice Wars in the summer, but was delayed. But now the wait is over: “Emperor Shaddam IV and his loyal House Corrino have arrived on Arrakis.”.

Players playing as the ruling family of a feudal galactic empire can collect spice taxes from other houses, but must pay the Space Guild to maintain the empire and keep interstellar travel prices affordable.

In addition to House Corrino and its army of fearsome Sardukars, the patch adds a fourth victory condition – the acquisition of 50% of the galactic corporation COOAM (Cartel of Merchandisers and Transporters of Goods).

Dune: Spice Wars debuted on April 26th on Steam Early Access. The authors are also planning Air and Sand updates (additional buildings and units, including a spaceport and ships) and Heroes of Dune (guides with unique features).

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