Eminems Fortnite concert hints at future changes to the game

Eminem’s Fortnite concert hints at future changes to the game

Last weekend, Eminem held a virtual concert in Fortnite that was watched by more than 11.5 million people. This performance by the musician was not only a brilliant show, but also gave some hints about what will appear in the popular game in the future.

    Image source: Epic Games

Image source: Epic Games

The event, called “The Big Bang Event,” lasted about 10 minutes, with players managing to race through many rooms. First, virtual spectators were on the Fortnite OG island to witness several periods from the game’s past: a rocket was fired, a meteor fell, after which everything was sucked into a black hole.

Players then streamed through several portals, each with a different theme. One of them showed an island full of Lego figures fighting each other. Players were then invited to a futuristic race, after which Eminem’s performance began. While he performed the song “Lose Yourself,” the musicians had to play notes in time with the music as if they were playing Guitar Hero.

As the first track came to an end, a giant Eminem appeared in front of the audience and played the song Godzilla. The song is dedicated to a burning, destroyed city, and at one point Eminem even breathed fire into the air. Given Epic’s recent move to expand Fortnite’s Creative mode, it’s no surprise that the event was designed to showcase what’s to come in the future.

It seems that the developers’ goal is to make Fortnite a gaming platform similar to Minecraft or Roblox. Shortly after the end of Eminem’s speech, Epic and Lego officially announced the launch of the Lego Fortnite project, which will be available to users on December 7th. The other two games, Rocket Racing (developed by Rocket League creator Psyonix) and Fortnite Festival (developed by Rock Band Harmonix), will be released on December 8th and 9th, respectively.

The Big Bang Event follows an interesting period in the game’s history. Instead of the traditional month-long season, Epic launched Fortnite OG in November with key moments and locations from the battle royale’s past. The appearance of a classic map from the first season delighted users: in November, the Fortnite user base grew to 100 million players, making it the most successful month in the game’s history.

Ahead of the Big Bang event, the developers have given a glimpse of what battle royale players can expect in the future. You can see this in the accompanying trailer.

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