Embracer cancels new Deus Ex and lays off almost 100

Embracer cancels new Deus Ex and lays off almost 100 Eidos Montreal employees

Deus Ex fans’ hopes of seeing the end of the reluctant cyborg Adam Jensen’s story appear to be dashed. Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier Reportsthat the new game in the series has been canceled.

    Image source: Steam (Malkavian)

Image source: Steam (Malkavian)

The cyberpunk RPG shooter franchise with stealth elements died out after poor sales of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016), but Eidos Montreal wanted to return to Deus Ex and do something similar “Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t”.

After Swedish holding company Embracer Group bought Square Enix’s western assets (including Eidos Montreal and Deus Ex) for $300 million, Schreier said Eidos was in “very, very early” Phase of creating a new Deus Ex.

    Image source: Eidos Montreal

Image source: Eidos Montreal

According to Schreier, as part of Embracer’s restructuring that began last summer, the new Deus Ex was canceled. The game was in development for about two years and was scheduled to enter active production in 2024.

Instead of the next Deus Ex, the Eidos Montreal team will focus on a game based on a new intellectual property, the scope of which the team had to reduce in fall 2022 due to costs.

    Image source: X (Eidos Montreal)

Image source: X (Eidos Montreal)

Schreier also said that with the cancellation of the next Deux Ex, a number of Eidos Montreal employees were also laid off. Reduction Studio confirmed — 97 people from the development, administration and support teams will lose their jobs.

“Problems in the industry [видеоигр] and the major restructuring announced by Embracer is finally impacting our studio.”“explained Eidos Montreal. The studio remained silent about the fate of Deus Ex.

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