Elon Musks startup xAI will attract up to 1 billion

Elon Musk’s startup xAI will attract up to $1 billion in investments for its development

American billionaire Elon Musk was the founder of the popular startup OpenAI, but later parted ways with this developer of artificial intelligence systems and this year founded the company xAI, which was able to use arrays of data from social networks in the development of its large language As revealed this week xAI plans to raise up to $1 billion for business development.

    Image source: Unsplash, Xu Haiwei

Image source: Unsplash, Xu Haiwei

The information comes from an official application that US companies must submit to regulators in such cases. How it turns outSince its founding this year, xAI has already raised around $135 million, but the list of investors has not yet been announced. The company now wants to raise around $1 billion. Last month, Elon Musk said that existing investors in the social network X would receive about a quarter of the shares in the startup xAI. Premium subscribers

Curiously, Elon Musk combines his interest in investing in artificial intelligence systems with a cautious attitude towards such technologies. In March, he called on the developers of the largest language models to cease their activities.

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