Elon Musks lawyers say Twitter is sabotaging court hearing preparations

Elon Musk’s lawyers say Twitter is sabotaging court hearing preparations

Elon Musk’s attorneys sent a letter to the Delaware Chancery Court stating that Twitter was disrupting preparations for the trial. The document is addressed to Judge Kathleen McCormick, who must decide whether Musk can refuse to buy the company. The business side also requested that the start of the procedure be set for October 17th.

    Image source: succo / pixabay.com

Image source: succo / pixabay.com

Last week Judge McCormick ruled that a hearing would be held in October. The Twitter page insisted that proceedings begin as soon as possible as the speculation surrounding the conflict is hurting the company. Musk’s representatives, on the other hand, tried to schedule the meeting as late as possible, preferably next year. The businessman is trying to get out of the deal by providing evidence that Twitter has a significant problem with spambots that the company is silent on, but for that he needs facts. At the same time, the hearing will decide whether to force him to buy the company for $44 billion.

In their letter, Musk’s attorneys asked the judge to resolve three issues that are hampering preparations for the hearing. On the one hand, there is no concrete date for the start of the process, which is why they cannot agree on any conditions with Twitter. The social network is proposing the hearings to start on October 10, and Musk’s side want an extra week — it will reportedly be crucial for them.

Secondly, Twitter does not provide them with the necessary and easy to fill out documents. Third, the platform refuses to provide the “raw data” Musk’s side needs by August 1 – presumably referring to the so-called “water hose” of tweets or a feed of all posts on the social network.

Before the hearing, the parties will repeatedly exchange legal documents and make multiple motions to the judge, writes The Verge. And by the behavior of Mrs. McCormick it will be possible to predict the outcome of the case.


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