Elon Musks lawyers say he could turn down the purchase

Elon Musk’s lawyers say he could turn down the purchase of Twitter for a variety of good reasons

Figuratively speaking, the trial between Elon Musk and the Twitter leadership is on the home straight, with just over a month left until the decisive court hearing. Representatives of the billionaire’s interests argue that he has several independent and sufficient reasons to refuse the deal, and the presence of information security problems on the social network is one of them.

    Image Credit: Bloomberg/Michael Nagle

Image Credit: Bloomberg/Michael Nagle

Former Twitter Chief Information Security Officer Peiter Zatko speaking to US Congressmen explains Reuters, only bolstered Musk’s side in believing that the company’s management was hiding significant information security issues. Elon Musk was able to supplement his lawsuit with appropriate arguments, although Twitter officials continue to argue that Peter Zatko’s statements are untenable and that he was fired from the company for failing to produce the required work products.

According to Musk’s lawyers, Twitter also hid from him the fact of non-compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 2011 requirements that describe the rules for processing user data. According to Musk representatives, Peter Zatko’s testimony alone is enough to deny the terms of the contract for the social network’s purchase, and there are several accompanying independent reasons. Twitter’s lawyers believe these arguments are not very convincing.

Simultaneously reportedthat Twitter has not influenced the former head of its consumer department, Kayvon Beykpour, who has still not submitted any documents to the judiciary that could shed light on the issue of the share of bots in the social network’s target audience. His legal representatives told Twitter this month that their client is located outside of the United States and therefore unable to satisfy the requirements of a US court to obtain a subpoena and other lawsuits. Musk’s side believes that Twitter could retain influence over the former leader and even pay his lawyers, and therefore persuade him to testify if desired. Last month, the judge agreed to add documents to the file that Bakepur could provide. Twitter denies allegations by Musk’s lawyers of trying to delay the delivery of documents and hiding witnesses.


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