Elon Musk will develop TruthGPT a bot focused on

Elon Musk will develop TruthGPT – a bot focused on finding the truth using AI

Not so long ago, Elon Musk’s intentions to create an alternative to the popular chatbot ChatGPT were discussed at the level of rumors, but in a new interview on the channel Fox News The billionaire himself admitted that he really wants to do this and even gave the future platform the name TruthGPT. According to his plan, she becomes an artificial intelligence system focused on the search for the truth.

    Image Source: Reuters, Mike Blake

Image Source: Reuters, Mike Blake

The idea, according to Musk, is to create an AI system that tries to understand humanity and be less likely to destroy it. The head of Tesla and Twitter admitted in an interview that he was worried about attempts to make ChatGPT “politically correct”. Musk reiterated that he is an ardent supporter of regulating the development of artificial intelligence systems. He thinks artificial intelligence is more dangerous than cars or rockets because it is “the potential to destroy civilization”.

Elon Musk explained his departure from OpenAI in 2019, which founded ChatGPT, with the need to focus at that moment on Tesla’s technical problems and the presence of some disagreements with the startup’s leaders. In his interview, Musk also justified his decision to create TruthGPT with the desire to provide users with a “third option” when choosing between OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Alphabet/DeepMind developments. In the segment of generative artificial intelligence systems, he called Google and Microsoft two “heavyweights”, since the development of OpenAI is now actively financed by Microsoft, which makes ChatGPT almost a commercial platform.

One of Musk’s goals with TruthGPT is “Understanding the Nature of the Universe”. As the billionaire explained, “This is perhaps the best guarantee of security, because if artificial intelligence takes care of understanding the universe, it probably won’t start wiping out humans because we’re an interesting part of it.”.

Along the way, Musk confirmed in an interview with Fox News that Twitter’s current capitalization does not exceed $20 billion, despite the fact that he bought this company for $44 billion at the end of October. “We revalued the company at half the purchase price” explained the billionaire.

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