Elon Musk urged Twitter engineers to urgently help him with

Elon Musk urged Twitter engineers to urgently help him with code analysis

In fact, on Thursday night, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, made it clear that he was willing to keep only those employees who target the most intense work on the company’s team, and he would fire the rest. For the second time since the social network passed under the control of the billionaire, the Twitter offices were closed on Friday, however, he asked the specialists involved in the development of the program code to meet with him in person or take part in a short video interview in order better understand the principles of the platform.

    Image Source: Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

Image Source: Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

Corresponding CNBCOn Friday morning, Twitter’s technical staff received letters from Elon Musk asking them to visit the company’s San Francisco headquarters by 2 p.m. or to arrange a video interview if extraordinary circumstances prevent them from meeting with the company’s CEO meet in person. Previously, they should have sent Musk a list of their top Twitter coding achievements over the past six months, with screenshots showing key code snippets. According to the company boss, Musk needs these meetings to better understand Twitter’s software base. He added that employees traveling to the San Francisco office can use air travel. The Twitter CEO himself wanted to stay in the office not only until late Friday evening, but also on Saturday morning.

As CNBC notes, at least three of Twitter’s fired employees retained remote access to the company’s information resources as of Friday morning. Apparently, the cuts have been so rapid in recent weeks that the specialists responsible for access control simply did not have time to block the accounts of dismissed colleagues in a timely manner.

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