Elon Musk promised Twitter employees generous compensation in the form

Elon Musk promised Twitter employees generous compensation in the form of shares, but fired those who publicly criticized him

It was originally believed that the urgency of Twitter’s cuts stemmed from Elon Musk’s desire to avoid compensation for prior periods in the form of company stock. The new business owner later clarified that all payments due would be made. He now adds that even as a private company, Twitter will continue to reward its employees with stock awards.

    Image Source: Getty Images, Sheldon Cooper, Lightrocket

Image Source: Getty Images, Sheldon Cooper, Lightrocket

Musk borrowed a similar employee incentive model from SpaceX, which he also directs, he explains. CNBC. The aerospace company SpaceX, which has remained private for more than twenty years of its existence, regularly trades its shares, which allows employees to earn additional income from such transactions. SpaceX Stock Awards are paid twice a year, on May 15th and November 15th.

In a letter to Twitter employees, the billionaire also vowed to reward the “extraordinary merits” of the company’s employees with the “extraordinary amount” of stock they can receive.

At the same time, the billionaire, who advocates “absolute freedom of speech,” hasn’t hesitated to get rid of Twitter employees who publicly criticize his actions, they say Bloomberg. The open correspondence of one of the Twitter engineers who has been developing an application for the Android operating system for eight years has become public. Eric Frohnhöfer, as the specialist was called, tried to convey the information to Musk that Twitter was too slow on this platform. It was announced on Monday that Musk had fired this engineer, although the full reasons for such actions were not disclosed.

Another tech, Ben Leib, who has been with the company for over a decade, had the audacity to comment on Elon Musk’s lack of understanding of certain technical issues. His new company owner also fired him last Sunday. The lack of full communication between new management and the surviving Twitter team against a backdrop of abrupt and conflicting changes is causing misunderstanding and confusion among the workforce, former and current employees at the company admit.


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