Elon Musk met with the Indonesian President to discuss prospects

Elon Musk met with the Indonesian President to discuss prospects for cooperation in the field of nickel mining and processing

Indonesia, which has impressive nickel reserves, has been the focus of Tesla management’s attention before, but the parties were unable to reach a compromise in the previous stages of negotiations. The country’s authorities were interested in creating complex industries on their territory, and Tesla advocated their exceptional environmental friendliness. Negotiations continued during the Indonesian President’s visit to Texas.

    Image source: Laily Rachev, Reuters

Image source: Laily Rachev, Reuters

As already mentioned, Joko Widodo visited the Tesla headquarters last Saturday Reuters, meeting with Elon Musk to discuss possible investments and cooperation in the field of high technologies. The preliminary stage of negotiations took place earlier, investments in the mining industry in Indonesia, which specializes in nickel, which is used in the manufacture of traction batteries for electric vehicles, were also discussed. This year, the price of nickel has skyrocketed, and Tesla has been forced to proactively increase the price of electric vehicles by thousands of dollars.

Earlier, Tesla officials visited Indonesia for talks on investing in traction battery production, according to the source. I have to say that Tesla competitors are already actively exploring this territory. LG Energy Solution and CATL have agreed to invest US$9 billion each in lithium battery factories in Indonesia, while Hyundai Motor will assemble electric vehicles in the country based on a Korean partner’s batteries.

The Indonesian President also visited the SpaceX launch site in Texas as he is also interested in aerospace collaboration with Elon Musk. Previously, he offered the billionaire to launch spacecraft with Indonesia. At the moment there is no information about the signing of contracts after the meeting between Elon Musk and Joko Widodo.

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