Elon Musk Hires iPhone Jailbreak Creator To Fix Twitter Search

Elon Musk Hires iPhone Jailbreak Creator To Fix Twitter Search

Hacker George Hotz (George Hotz), who once became famous for releasing the iPhone jailbreak and hacking the Sony PlayStation 3 game console, got a job on Twitter. The social network’s new head, Elon Musk, took him on for a 12-week “trial period.”

    Image Credit: Michael Zelenko / The Verge

Image Credit: Michael Zelenko / The Verge

Hotz was given two main tasks as part of his trial period: fixing problems with the Twitter search engine and removing the authorization pop-up window that prevents using search on social networks without logging into a user account.

Hotz himself expressed his desire to work at Twitter after Elon Musk conducted a sweeping purge of the social network, reducing its workforce from 7,500 to about 2,750 employees. Those who were not ready for “long hours of daily intense work” and generally did not agree with the new management policy were fired. Several hundred people decided to leave the company themselves, without waiting for a “call on the carpet.” According to Hotz “This attitude towards work allows you to create amazing things”, which is why he expressed a desire to work on Twitter, which he announced through his page on the social network. Musk replied: “Let’s talk”.

Musk and Hotz have worked together in the past, but they haven’t achieved direct collaboration. In 2015, Western media wrote that Hotz discussed the possibility of his working at Tesla on projects related to autonomous driving technologies. However, the hacker changed his plans after Musk began changing the terms of the agreement between the parties. As a result, Hotz turned down the offer and stated so publicly “He wasn’t really looking for a job”and promised to contact Musk again “when mobileye hacks”. Tesla was then partnered with Mobileye. The latter provided some of the technology for it, which Tesla used in its autopilot system. The companies ended the collaboration in 2016.

All this time, Hotz worked at the company he founded, Comma.ai, which led the development of autonomous driving systems. Unlike Tesla EVs that come factory-equipped with Autopilot, Comma.ai offers driver assistance kits for installation in existing car models. The company launched a development kit worth $1,999. According to Comma.ai, their system is compatible with more than 200 different car models.

Hotz left Comma.ai last month, saying the company needs a new CEO to take it out of startup status and into a true user-centric commercial business. However, he soon announced the opening of a new company, this time to develop software for AI chips.

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