Elon Musk has set a new date for the return

Elon Musk has set a new date for the return of the blue ticks on Twitter – November 29th

The Twitter Blue subscription, which was supposed to allow all “paid” customers to have account verification under updated conditions, proved the imperfection of the idea in the first few hours by distributing “blue ticks” to everyone who paid $8 a month . After the initiative was withdrawn, the Twitter boss only wants to return the blue ticks by November 29th.

    Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

The principle is attributed to one of the commanders of the 19th century “The main thing is a fight, then we’ll see.” actively used by Elon Musk in the course of bold and hasty reforms of the business of the social network Twitter, which he recently bought. Keep in mind that the formal reason for rejecting the use of blue ticks as an identifier for verified accounts was the increase in abuse cases in the first few hours after starting a paid Twitter Blue subscription. On behalf of well-known companies and politicians, unscrupulous users made some loud statements in the first hours of the service’s operation under the new conditions, which damaged the reputation of the true owners of brands and reduced their capitalization.

As a result, Elon Musk had to announce last week that he will restart the verification process for Twitter Blue subscribers by the end of this week, and now, as he clarifies Reuters, a more distant date is called – November 29. For a company struggling with advertiser credibility under new management and aiming to generate up to half of its revenue from subscriptions, getting Twitter Blue back as soon as possible is vital.

Elon Musk said the following on his Twitter page: “I’m going for a fresh start Blue Verified on November 29 to ensure the reliability of the reinforced concrete”. The head of the company added that any change of account name will result in the user losing verification and having to go through it again in compliance with all Twitter requirements.

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