Elon Musk has found a new Twitter boss it

Elon Musk has found a new Twitter boss – it will be a woman

Elon Musk, who bought Twitter in late October, is still actively reforming his business but announced in mid-February that he would find a new CEO before the end of the year, jokingly nominating his dog Floki to the position. This week, Twitter’s new CEO Musk held serious talks – his successor will take office in six weeks.

    Image Credit: Bryce Durbin, TechCrunch

Image Credit: Bryce Durbin, TechCrunch

The main news traditionally came from the pages of Twitter. Elon Musk said the following verbatim: “I am pleased to announce that we have hired a new CEO x/Twitter. She will start work in about six weeks. My role will be to serve as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and CTO, leading product and software development and general operational functions.”.

Although the name of the candidate for the post of Twitter boss has not been revealed by the company’s owner, the publication said The Wall Street Journal announced that Linda Yakkarino (Linda Yaccarino) will take over as head of advertising at NBCUniversal. It is obvious that even after this appointment, Musk will retain influence on Twitter’s development strategy and the technical side of the social network’s activities, so it is difficult to say how much time such a personnel reshuffle will free up for him. Previously, Tesla investors expressed great dissatisfaction with Elon Musk paying too much attention to Twitter, although the boss of both companies himself tried to reassure them. Even the dog’s hilarious appointment as the social network’s CEO should lessen the level of public discontent.


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