Elon Musk has already signed an agreement defining Twitters policy

Elon Musk has already signed an agreement defining Twitter’s policy in Europe

Elon Musk still owns only 9.2% of Twitter shares but has already announced his firm intention to buy this social network, so European regulators didn’t wait for the deal to be officially finalized and offered the billionaire an immediate agreement to Sign regulation of Twitter activities in the territory of the European Union. Commissioner Thierry Breton traveled to Tesla headquarters in Texas.

    Image source: Twitter, Thierry Breton

Image source: Twitter, Thierry Breton

On the side of a European official in Twitter a short video even emerged of Elon Musk agreeing to the terms of the Digital Services Act, which governs the activities of tech companies in the European Union. In particular, the law obliges website operators to combat the dissemination of illegal content, ban advertising aimed at children or based on political, gender or religious views.

Musk explained in a video posted by Breton: “I think it fully corresponds to my opinion”. At first, the American billionaire promised to achieve real freedom of expression on Twitter after the purchase, but now it is becoming clear that in the jurisdiction of certain regions the social network will still be forced to act within the framework of local legislation. At the same time, Thierry Breton used his visit to Texas to talk about problems with the supply of components for the production of electric vehicles. Recently, a Tesla plant for assembling Model Y crossovers has started work near Berlin, so this issue touches the interests of both sides of the negotiation.

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