Elon Musk canceled remote work on Twitter but there will

Elon Musk canceled remote work on Twitter, but there will be exceptions

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, initially wrote to the employees of the social network. On Wednesday evening he sent a message “The Hard Times to Come” and banned remote work, except in cases where personal approval was obtained from the head of the company.

    Image source: LinkedIn Sales Solutions/unsplash.com

Image source: LinkedIn Sales Solutions/unsplash.com

Musk said one should not underestimate current economic realities and how they affect the advertising-dependent business of a company like Twitter. According to Bloomberg, citing the wording of the letter, the new rules come into effect immediately and require employees to be at their workplaces at least 40 hours a week.

Twitter has been under Musk’s rule for almost two weeks, the billionaire has already fired around half of the employees and most of the social network’s managers and has reduced almost all of its staff in India. The new CEO increased the price of a Twitter Blue subscription to $8 and linked user verification marks to paid accounts. In the letter, Musk said subscription revenue should account for half of Twitter’s total revenue going forward.

Before Musk acquired the social network, employees were literally allowed to work full-time from anywhere — many transitioned into such a mode during the pandemic. Musk has previously stated that he is against remote working and that exceptions will be made individually – which is exactly what the social network has now come to do.

The businessman also canceled the so-called “days off” for Twitter employees – such additional days off have been allotted to them every month since the pandemic period. This once again illustrated the billionaire’s negative attitude towards the prevailing corporate culture on Twitter.

“The road ahead is difficult and will require hard work to succeed”, Musk said in a letter to employees. In a separate letter, he added that finding and banning verified accounts from bots, trolls and spammers would be the absolute top priority.

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