Elon Maxs startup xAI introduced Grok a neural network that

Elon Max’s startup xAI introduced Grok, a neural network that will compete with ChatGPT

This week, Elon Musk, owner of the social network X, announced that his paying subscribers will get early access to an AI bot Grok from xAI, which is positioned as a competitor to OpenAI ChatGPT. Beyond that, further official website xAI developers spoke about the advantages of the new algorithm and also published data on the results of testing their own neural network in AI benchmarks.

    Image source: xAI

Image source: xAI

“Grok is an artificial intelligence modeled after The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, designed to answer almost anything and, even trickier, even tell you what questions to ask! Grok is designed for funny answers and has a rebellious streak, so please don’t use it if you hate humor.”the developers said in a statement.

The xAI chatbot is visually similar to similar products from other developers. To interact with it, it is suggested to use the corresponding field to generate requests. According to the developers, the main advantage of Grok is that it can answer almost any question thanks to online access to data from the social network X.

The development of the algorithm began with the creation of a prototype of the Large Language Model (LLM) Grok-0 with 33 billion parameters. This test model is comparable in capabilities to the performance of Meta’s LLaMA 2 Platforms administer standardized tests but only use half of their training resources. Over the past two months, developers have significantly improved inference and coding capabilities, resulting in a significantly more powerful Grok-1 language model.

The results of further LLM tests for various tasks were compared with the results of other similar algorithms. The developers tested the Grok-1’s ability to solve high school math problems (GSM8k), multiple choice questions (MMLU), Python coding problems, and high school math problems.

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