Eliyan Startup is developing NuLink chiplet connectivity technology that may

Eliyan Startup is developing NuLink chiplet connectivity technology that may outperform TSMC and Intel solutions

Silicon Valley startup Eliyan announced it has raised $40 million in funding, including from Intel and Micron, to bring NuLink chiplet interconnect technology to market. According to the developer, it can become an alternative to advanced packaging solutions such as TSMC CoWoS and Intel EMIB.

    Image source: eliyan.com

Image source: eliyan.com

With the chiplet architecture of the Ryzen and Epyc processors, AMD has managed to regain processor market share from Intel in recent years. Now Intel and other manufacturers are also moving to chiplets, and Eliyan is confident they can help the entire industry. According to the head of the startup Ramin Farjadrad (Ramin Farjadrad), investments from Intel indicate the company’s interest in new technologies. Eliyan co-founder Patrick Soheili emphasized that the company views its NuLink technology as a complement, not a replacement, for Intel’s EMIB and Foveros solutions.

The startup recognizes that CoWoS and EMIB have undeniable advantages: high throughput and low power consumption, and EMIB allows you to build large and complex systems like Intel Sapphire Rapids. However, the solutions on the market have not yet managed to eliminate the obvious disadvantages: high cost, high level of errors in production and long development cycles. According to Eliyan, NuLink enables larger, more complex systems, such as placing more memory chips on a processor to speed up data-intensive applications.

Unlike CoWoS technology, which provides an interconnect layer between the chiplets and the substrate, and EMIB, which uses silicon bridges embedded in the substrate, NuLink offers the installation of high-density conductors inside the substrate. The company claims that it can implement its approach in the manufacturing plants of the largest contractors: America’s GlobalFoundries, Korea’s Samsung and Taiwan’s UMC – especially in the context of geopolitical instability. Finally, NuLink’s technology is compliant with the unified UCIe standard, which could bring Eliyan a bright future as an independent company.

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