Electronic Arts has confirmed that Project Rene will be free to play

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Project Rene will be free-to-play and will not “kill” The Sims 4

Developers from Maxis Studio as part of the third episode of the show Behind The Sims divided new details about its life simulator Project Rene (the codename for the next The Sims), including its distribution model.

    Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

As stated in the job posting in June, Project Rene is a shareware project. The game will be available “No subscriptions, required purchases or mechanics [пополнения за деньги] Energy” (from The Sims Mobile).

According to Lyndsay Pearson, vice president of The Sims franchise, Project Rene won’t have everything that’s already in The Sims 4 at launch, but the team has revised the principles for releasing new content.

Basic weather mechanics can appear in the main game, while the developers will focus on winter sports in a paid add-on. Regular updates will also be announced.

Pearson also explained that Project Rene will not be a complete replacement for The Sims 4. Both games (and The Sims Mobile) “for the foreseeable future” will continue to coexist and develop in parallel. New content is also being prepared for the fourth part.

Project Rene is not currently being publicly tested, but public testing is planned for the future. Among other things, Pearson mentioned this as possible “Comprehensive early access options”.

Project Rene is being created for at least PC and mobile devices. The game features multiplayer, crossplay and a reinterpretation of well-known elements of the series. The release date of the project is still unknown.

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