Electronic Arts considers single player projects an important part of its

Electronic Arts considers single-player projects an important part of its business, but game services are more important

Electronic Arts continues to view single player gaming as an important and integral part of its business. This was announced by CEO Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson) during a quarterly conference dedicated to discussing financial performance.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Andrew Wilson explained that single-player projects are an important part of Electronic Arts’ strategy to expand its reach and increase the time players spend playing games.

While single-player projects remain important to shaping Electronic Arts’ overall strategy, the company plans to continue to focus on the development of gaming services. EA CFO Chris Su admitted that entertainment products with integrated online elements still generate the bulk of the company’s revenue — about 70%.

EA as a publisher intends to continue investing not only in the development of multiplayer projects, but also in their post-release development and support for stable work for many years.


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