Electric vehicles wear out their tires 30 faster than internal

Electric vehicles wear out their tires 30% faster than internal combustion engine cars – Bridgestone has fixed this in a special Turanza EV model

Some owners of electric vehicles suddenly find that they have to change tires much more frequently than those with combustion engines. At the same time, such an unpleasant feature of electric transport was confirmed by one of the well-known tire manufacturers – Bridgestone. He decided to remedy the situation by developing tires specifically for electric cars.

    Turanza EV.  Image source: Bridgestone

Turanza EV. Image source: Bridgestone

According to the company, EV tires wear 30% faster due to EV’s heavier weight and faster average acceleration. This week Bridgestone introduced tires specifically designed for electric vehicles. The Turanza EV is priced at $289 per unit, depending on size, and is already available from Bridgestone dealers in the US and Canada.

The company believes that the Turanza EV is exactly the tire option that can be recommended for electric vehicles. Enliten technology aims to solve the wear problem. In addition, a special PeakLife polymer was developed to reduce rolling resistance. The QuietTrack tread pattern keeps noise out. In general, the developers used the company’s touring solutions as a source of inspiration.

Manufacturer reps are confident that Tesla electric vehicles have been on the road long enough for owners to draw certain conclusions, and that people are now looking for new options based on what they’ve learned from owning an electric car. The company projects that by the end of the decade, 30% of new cars will be electric.

At the same time, accelerated wear also affects air quality. In Oslo, where electric vehicles account for two-thirds of all cars registered in the Norwegian capital, the air reportedly contains “unhealthy” levels of microscopic particles produced by tire wear on asphalt.

During the development of the Turanza EV, Bridgestone tested prototypes with popular electric vehicles: all Tesla variants as well as the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The options are now offered in three sizes, with 13 more to come in early 2024. The new tire is made from 50% renewable and recyclable materials and uses synthetic rubber and recycled plastics in the manufacturing process to help protect the environment. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 50,000 miles (80.5,000 km).

It is known that the manufacturer Continental has also developed special tires for electric vehicles – EcoContact 6 – and Michelin recommends its special models for electric vehicles.

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