Educational service 1C Lesson leaked phone numbers and other user

Educational service “1C: Lesson” leaked phone numbers and other user data

The company 1C said that it is investigating the situation related to data loss of users of the educational service 1C: Lesson. Currently, the reason for public access to user data has been eliminated. About that writes “Interfax” with reference to the representative of “1C” Alexei Kharitonov.

    Image source: geralt/

Image source: geralt/

Earlier it was reported on the Telegram channel “Information Leaks”, the author of which is the founder of the service for detecting data leaks and monitoring the Dark Web DLBI, Ashot Oganesyan, that a file with a table of users of the 1C: The Education Portal was in the public domain. The nearly 190,000-row table contained various data, including service users’ full names, phone numbers (7.5,000 unique numbers), email addresses (185,000 addresses), and other information.

“According to the results of the preliminary analysis, there was a data leak from the website. Users’ full names, their unverified email addresses, and a small number of unverified phones are made public.– said Mr. Kharitonov. He also noted that user passwords and more important information were not made publicly available. “The causes of the leak have now been eliminated. We sincerely apologize to all users of the site”— added the representative of “1C”.

Remember that 1C: Instructional Service is intended for teachers’ use of electronic educational resources in preparing lessons and conducting lessons with elementary and secondary school students, as well as for independent mastery of the proposed material by students at home .


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