Early access for the old school shooter Turbo Overkill begins in

Early access for the old-school shooter Turbo Overkill begins in April on PC, and the game will hit consoles with a full release.

Publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer from New Zealand studio Trigger Happy Interactive announced exact release date for their old-school shooter Turbo Overkill in Steam Early Access.

Image Credit: Apogee Entertainment

Image Credit: Apogee Entertainment

As has been announced, Turbo Overkill will appear in Early Access on April 22nd. A full-fledged release is planned later this year: not only on PC, but also on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

At launch, Turbo Overkill features the first eight levels, a number of secret arenas, difficulty modifiers, and other unlocks, all of which will suffice for five to eight hours of gameplay.

Content patches planned in the months following the launch of Early Access will add new levels, abilities, challenges, and game-enhancing features to Turbo Overkill.

Turbo Overkill takes place in the futuristic metropolis Neo-Paradise. Players take on the role of Johnny Turbo with a chainsaw built into his leg, and take on the role of Xing’s artificial intelligence and his offspring.

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