EA Helps Gamers Find “Optimal” Friends for Online Gaming

Many online or multiplayer projects are better revealed when playing with friends, and Electronic Arts wants to make it easier for gamers to find them. According to the new patent, published today, the company is working on a system for building friendships between people for online games.



According to Electronic Arts, a player may have suitable online friends for one game, but after switching to another, sometimes you have to make new acquaintances based on free time and genre interests.

Therefore, the company has developed a system that can identify “Game data associated with online players” based on their gameplay history. It includes a list of your favorite games, skill level and many other elements. Subsequently, the system can create subsets of users with similar interests. And when a gamer is looking for new friends in a new game, the system will be able to give accurate recommendations, matching users from the same subgroup.

Source: Electronic Arts

Source: Electronic Arts

“The game management system can use similarity scores between pairs of players in any suitable way to provide friend recommendations. Other suitable mechanisms might include providing recommendations about potential friends to a player with a predetermined number of other players with whom this player can have the greatest similarity, as determined by a similarity score. “, – the document says.

The patented system can be of great help to people for whom finding friends to play games is a problem for one reason or another. The system will help you find a friend who is usually free at the same time as you.


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