E Ink and Avalue are launching e ink tablets with large

E Ink and Avalue are launching e-ink tablets with large screens

E Ink and Avalue companies ready a new generation of electronic ink tablets with pen input. Tablets come unmarked, making them ideal for anyone wanting to fill that niche with their brand. Large 10.3″ and 13.3″ matte anti-slip screens offer tablet owners a comfortable reading experience in any ambient light and feel like real handwriting.

Image source: E Ink

Image source: E Ink

The production of new tablets is handled by a joint venture between E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Linfiny. New product screens will use the improved E Ink Carta 1250 electronic paper, which, according to a press release “offers a higher contrast ratio, faster page turning and improved pen writing speed”. Remember, E Ink for handwriting uses Wacom’s electromagnetic resonance technology, which doesn’t require powering the pen to function.

The tablet with a 10.3-inch screen weighs 261 grams and is 5.85 mm thick. The model with a 13.3-inch screen weighs 368 grams with a thickness of 5.7 mm. The size of the built-in flash memory for each model is 32 GB, and the battery life is calculated in weeks. The partners did not name any other features of the new models.


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