Dystopians Announced Fallout Shelter style cyberpunk colony simulator

Dystopians Announced – Fallout Shelter-style cyberpunk colony simulator

Space Boat Studios developers have teamed up with PlayWay to unveil the first trailer for Dystopians, a colony simulator set in a dark cyberpunk future. The player is entrusted with managing a group of outcasts who decide “Find your place in a dystopian cyber city full of possibilities and contrasts”

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

It is important for the local manager to continuously replenish the army with receptive like-minded people, to offer such soldiers refuge, to expand their territory and to earn money by all means.

“Hire new team members, equip them and give them orders: each of your comrades is always open to orders and plans, and everyone has their own style of carrying out orders. Find a way to connect with your teammates and send them where their personality is most useful. “– This is how the developers described the basic game mechanics of the Dystopians.

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The player begins his game in the lower city by placing his team on the first level of a huge skyscraper. Little by little, floor by floor, his team makes their way to the upper areas “Finally see the sun and breathe a little less polluted air”

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You also have to grapple with pumping individual members of a large gang. The colony manager must buy, manufacture, repair, and install cyber implants for his fighters to improve their properties and increase the chances of winning the war against the city.

Dystopians don’t have a release date yet, but the project does own page on Steam.


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