Dynamic ad system made SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six: Vegas unavailable last week

User Twitter under the pseudonym eezstreet drew attention to the recent incapacitation of tactical shooters SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six: Vegas, and also explained the reason for the incident.

Image source: GOG

Image source: GOG

SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six: Vegas have been unavailable to play (including single-player campaigns) while connected to the internet for the last week, according to eezstreet. The blame was advertising.

SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six: Vegas use a dynamic ad placement system for in-game posters, billboards, and more. Until recently, the mechanism worked properly, but at the beginning of the month it shut down without warning.

Image source: Steam (Raziel)

Image source: Steam (Raziel)

Ads for SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six: Vegas were supplied by Massive Incorporated. In 2006, Microsoft bought it, and in 2010 it closed it, but continued to support its dynamic advertising service.

In September 2021 Massive Ads content server began sending out non-content materials to his customers – SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six: Vegas did not have a solution to this problem, which led to the incapacitation of both games.

By now, eezstreet has already contacted Microsoft and reported the problem. The company turned out to be “Helpful enough to reconnect” – at least SWAT 4 is working again.

Eezstreet’s deep interest in the situation around SWAT 4 is due to the nature of his work. He is the developer of the amateur SWAT: Elite Force add-on for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate.

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