Dying Light 2 is getting a second free chapter with

Dying Light 2 is getting a second free chapter with a new agent in a few weeks

As part of the new episode of D2K: At The Fish Eye, developers from the Polish company Techland spoke in more detail about the chapter system in Dying Light 2 Stay Human and also announced the approximate release date of the second chapter. Fresh content including a new agent, will appear in a few weeks.

    Image source: Techland

Image source: Techland

Anna Kubica, senior brand manager at Techland, compared the Dying Light 2 Stay Human support plan to a marathon. Recalling that the original Dying Light was updated for seven years, she reiterated the creators’ earlier statement that they intended to develop the second part for at least five years. According to her, with the help of the chapter system, the developers will regularly replenish the game with content that will keep users coming back to it again and again.

Game designer Karol Langier, responsible for the chapters, noted that this system has an advantage over story events with Battle Pass, as all additional content stays in the game forever. He also emphasized that user feedback is taken into account when creating new content. In particular, at the request of fans in the first chapter, the authors added new incentives to fight the infected and increased the variety of enemies.

New chapters will appear every three to four months. In between there will be patches with fixes and improvements, as well as events like the last one hyper mode (throws opponents in the air) long night (longer and more dangerous nights) and blood summer (Chopping off limbs on enemies for rewards).

The second chapter, titled A Huntress and a Witch, will add agent Shen Xiu, also known as the Huntress. The developers describe it as “a very experienced tracker and archery master”. It is well known that users have to fulfill their special task. New enemies, weapons, quests, and rewards were also announced. The chapter will be released as part of a major update 1.5 and is free.

The first chapter featuring Agent Harper, a former member of the Night Runners, a new ranking system, two new infected species and more content was part of the 4/1 update. June, which also brought a photo mode and improved performance to consoles.

In May, the authors announced the postponement of the release of the first story add-on from June to September. Rumor has itit will feature a new story with multiple endings and gladiator fights.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released on PC on February 4th, 2022 (steam, Epic game store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. By March, more than 5 million copies of the game had been sold.

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