Dying Light 2 has a weapon that grants one of

Dying Light 2 has a weapon that grants one of the dark side abilities of Star Wars

Having passed the zombie action Dying Light 2 Stay Human, attentive gamers began to study the game world in detail in search of secrets and clues. It turned out that the developers from the Techland studio were generous with all sorts of Easter eggs for other games and films. A reference to Star Wars was found among them – this is suffocation with the help of the Force, as the Sith did.

Source: Steam

Source: Steam

An item called Dying Force allows you to lift enemies up in the air for a while and start choking them. Enemies grab their necks and levitate. In order to get the blueprint for this weapon, you need to get into another Easter Egg – the Hangar Challenge, which is a nod to the classic Doom shooter.

Players need a story option to activate the radio towers. Then you need to collect five black rubber ducks hidden in different places. After that, they were supposed to be placed in the basement of the KNV TV tower and connected to switchboards with wires. Within the test you need to open a secret door to the hall where in the middle of the acid tank is the Dying Force blueprint.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released on February 4th on PC (Steam, Epic Game Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Over 3 million people played the zombie action game in its first weekend.


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