Dying Light 2 gets a major update today with photo

Dying Light 2 gets a major update today with photo mode and first free chapter

Developer by Techland Studio uncovered Dying Light 2 Stay Human update 1.4.0 details – the biggest since release. The patch, which includes Photo Mode, the first free chapter and a host of improvements, is released today across all platforms.

    Image source: Techland

Image source: Techland

With the release of the update, the game will start the first event under the new system called “Chapters” – In the footsteps of a night runner (it will last until August). In it, users help the former night runner Harper (Harper), who is waiting for them at the Fish Eye Diner. Destroying Special Infected in Daily, Weekly, and Timed Trials earns Reputation Points that can be spent on powerful weapons, costumes, and items. As the objectives are accomplished, the bond between the hero and the agent will be strengthened, which will be reflected in the new ranking system. There will be three new types of enemies, items, and other content. A trailer has been prepared for the release of the chapter.

A separate video has been dedicated to photo mode, which will also be included in the patch and will be available in a single game (except for some parkour moments). Players can adjust focal length, aperture size, zoom, exposure, color contrast, temperature and saturation, add vignettes, effects and filters.

Some other new features, fixes and improvements (according to the developers there are about 1500 of them):

  • Improved CPU performance on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, as well as co-op stability when joining a game on these consoles.
  • Fixed launch stability issues on PlayStation and Xbox and framerate drops in the open world on Sony platforms.
  • Fixed black screen issues in co-op on consoles and during the second encounter with Vincent Waltz on Xbox.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from joining a host after changing the status from private to public and back again.
  • Fixed crashes related to the timer in Trials;
  • Fixed UI bugs: missing controller controls on PC, active side quests in log after launching New Game+, showing messages and more;
  • Added ability to compare items in inventory;
  • Fixed issues in the mission “Getting Stronger” – Hakon’s teleportation got stuck and crashed, as well as thick fog;
  • Fixed missing textures in prologue and dark areas
  • Fixed issues in the Marker of Plague, A Place to Call Home, and The Only Way Out quests that prevented completion.
  • Fixed a bug where skipping dialogue could block story progress;
  • Fixed an issue with the inability to use the bed and stop game time;
  • Special Infected are now harder to kill with ranged weapons.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released on PC on February 4th, 2022 (steam, Epic game store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. In early March, sales of the promotion exceeded 5 million copies. The game will be supported for at least five years. The first story supplement will be released in September.

Last week, Techland announced the end of active support for the original Dying Light, taking the opportunity to release the most complete edition of the game.

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