Durov showed Telegram in the augmented reality Apple Vision Pro

Durov showed Telegram in the augmented reality Apple Vision Pro

Pavel Durov showed, what the Telegram messenger application will look like for the VisionOS operating system, which runs the virtual and augmented reality headset Apple Vision Pro. Apparently Telegram is the first company to officially unveil a third-party app for Apple’s upcoming headset.

The published video shows how Telegram is displayed in augmented reality against the background of a living room. The interface is similar to a desktop messenger application: there is a chat window on the right and a list of dialogs and channels on the left. Also in a separate block are buttons for quick navigation: “Contacts”, “Calls”, “Chats” and “Settings”.

Even though Vision Pro does not have a keyboard, Telegram users can still send text messages: the application can translate spoken speech into text. Voice messages are also supported. And in the application you can not only communicate, but also watch videos and do everything that you did in Telegram on your computer or smartphone.

Unfortunately, Durov hasn’t revealed any details about when Telegram for VisionOS will be available to users. Obviously, this won’t happen before the debut of the Apple Vision Pro headset itself, scheduled for release in early 2024.

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