Durov denied reports that Telegram user data was transferred to

Durov denied reports that Telegram user data was transferred to Google

Telegram founder Pavel Durov refuted reports published on Thursday that the messenger supposedly automatically transmits voice messages from users to Google.

    Image source: Dima Solomin/unsplash.com

Image source: Dima Solomin/unsplash.com

“Telegram does not share users’ personally identifiable information such as names, phone numbers or IP addresses with Google. Furthermore, Telegram never automatically sends data to third parties without an explicit request from users.informed he’s in his telegram channel.

Durov said Telegram Premium users were offered a button to send a request to translate a single voice message to text. These requests, as Telegram previously clarified, are processed by devices rented from Google.

The Telegram founder found that it would be cheaper to use his own free solution on his devices or to use a solution from smaller or regional providers, but then the quality of voice message recognition in most languages ​​would be much worse than with paid technology from Google.

Durov explained that Google receives anonymized data and, according to the terms of the agreement with Telegram, cannot do anything with it (in particular, it cannot use it for any of its other services or for advertising). Google can only create texts based on this and send them back to Messenger.

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