Duolingo uses AI in language teaching GPT 4 Bot

Duolingo uses AI in language teaching – GPT-4 Bot explains answers and role-plays

The language learning service Duolingo has started using generative AI in the learning process. The service has a paid subscription option with two features based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 neural network. Called Duolingo Max, the new subscription gives language learners access to AI-powered Explain My Answer and Roleplay features.

    Image source: Duolingo

Image source: Duolingo

The Max subscription costs $30 per month (or $168 per year) and includes all the benefits of Super Duolingo (unlimited lives, no ads, private lessons, personalized rating, legendary level without limits) as well as access to detailed explanations of rights or wrongs Answers and natural communication with characters from all over the world in the application.

AI-powered Explain My Answer empowers language learners “after specific types of exercises” press the buttonto enter a chat with the Duo bot. The bot can rate and comment on the answer, as well as provide additional examples to help the student better understand the material.

Another new AI-powered feature, Role Play, allows students to earn experience points by practicing real-world conversations with characters from around the world within the app. For example, a user might discuss plans for a future vacation with Lin, order coffee from a waiter at a Paris cafe, go to a furniture store with Eddie, or go for a walk with a friend.

Duolingo understands that AI features can sometimes generate errors, but will not stop further use of artificial intelligence: “We have worked closely with OpenAI for months to test and train this technology and will continue to do so until the bugs are almost gone.”. An error can be reported simply by clicking on an inaccurate message before the menu appears.

At launch, Duolingo Max is available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand for English speaking users learning Spanish or French on iOS. Duolingo promises new AI capabilities for other courses, platforms and countries “very soon”.

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