DuckDuckGo browser with tracking and ad protection now available for

DuckDuckGo browser with tracking and ad protection now available for Windows

Windows users who want more privacy while surfing the web can try the new DuckDuckGo browser. Last year, DuckDuckGo, best known for its search engine, released a privacy-focused web browser for macOS-based systems. Today the same browser in beta form become available for Windows users.

    Image source: DuckDuckGo

Image source: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo differs from other browsers in that by default it does not collect user data or pass it on to third parties. The developer reports that the browser consumes about 60% less traffic compared to the same Google Chrome. When entering any site DuckDuckGo blocks geolocation tracking, encrypts most of the traffic, disables all tracking services and hides intrusive ads, as well as blank spaces on the pages of sites where ad banners were previously located. It also has a built-in password manager. In the future, DuckDuckGo browser will be enhanced with support for various extensions.

The browser has a built-in Duck Player that allows you to watch YouTube without ads. Before watching, he “cuts” the video from the website and embeds it on his page without trackers and ads. Among other things, there is also the option of deleting the history at the push of a button. Additionally, the user can hide their real email address using the wildcard.

Known with DuckDuckGo browser beta Any user of Windows 10 version released in May 2020 or later can do this.

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